Rant 11-09-2005

On-Ink Again

Here I sit, multitasking. I’m monitoring my website with a "live-help" program, drinking coffee (of course), reading a book, eating breakfast, writing this note, relaxing in the back yard listening to the creek and the birds, answering calls made to the business that are forwarded to my cell phone, updating my website store and waiting for Eloise to call. Just answered a business call, forwarded, and hopefully pushed them into coming into the shop during store hours on Monday. Nothing like a relaxing Saturday with nothing to do.

Keith 11-5-05

Eloise and Amanda are off to the hospital. Again. This time is for sure. Mandi is now 8-10 (?) Days late. If she doesn’t get the baby moving, the Doc said that he will induce her tomorrow morning at 5AM. Ha! Just let him try to get her up that early. She’ll have to deliver while asleep.

But, she was having contractions this morning and they were close enough that Eloise has taken her to the hospital again. So, It looks like today is the day. Nov 5th, 2005

Keith 11-05-2005

Airless has a new website. Kinda. We completely changed j’Eloise, (another earlier article on that elsewhere) and used the experience to add an online store to Airless. The old site was strictly an information site and I decided to see if adding a store would generate any interest. So far, after a month, it has paid for itself and covered the cost of running it for the next year. The advantages to running everything yourself is keeping the costs down. The disadvantages are running and writing and monitoring everything yourself and having no one to blame, yell at or fire for any mistakes, errors and omissions.

Keith 11-02-05

Remember when we were threatened with the "New digital, Paperless Society"??? I should have run right out and purchased as much paper stock as I could. Because I can, I have the computer compile information that because of time and effort, I would NEVER have even thought of. And: print it out, read it and throw it away. Reams of paper a year! And batteries! I’m looking into battery stock. Everything runs on batteries. Think of all the items now used that take batteries. Cell phones (even kids have them), iPods, PDA’s, laptops, digital cameras, calculators, watches, toothbrushes (!), portable cd players, portable DVD players, etc!!

I have 4 of these running as I write, not counting the items I have but are not using right now.

Maybe I could make enough on the stock to pay for my battery habit??

Keith 11-05-05

As I’m sure that you know, Mom and Dad have sold their house in Rohnert Park and moved to be closer to their boys. They considered Sacramento for 2 minutes and decided on moving closer to their older son.

Larry and Kat have needed a place to Winter. Ma and Pa purchased a place on property that Larry bought. They live in a modular home on 6 acres about 10 miles out of Susanville, Ca. The home is marginally smaller than their last home, but is laid our better. More usable space. Larry and Kat will stay in their 3rd bedroom until they get a place built on the property. Larry is designing a REALLY large garage and apartment close to the modular.

All 6 acres are level and will get very little snow, if any. Larry will get a reprieve from the daily plowing of his 3 mile driveway.

Keith 11-02-05

j’Eloise.com has been reborn. After fighting the software for almost a year, we started over and redesigned the complete site. Now the store is much more user friendly and is faster too. Eloise has taken over the design and maintenance for her site. I’m really proud of the job that she has done. She went from being afraid to "ruin or lose or delete or something bad" to doing daily work on the site. She is doing most of the art work and all of the layout. Check it out. www.jeloise.com

Amanda is working for her in organizing, filling orders (shipping), running the POS system and working at the trade shows.

We’re now experimenting with wireless credit card terminals. The newest use a cell phone dedicated to the terminal. This should let her speed up the authorization process at the remote show locations.

Elly has put opening a retail store front on hold.

Webmaster 10/24/2005

Have you seen the new stuff for babies? I think that they are designed by people that grew up with "Transformers". Really cool. More on this later.

Keith 11-05-05

As wih her mother and aunt before her, Amanda went to the hospital "in labor" with contractions, 6 or 7 times last week. Then on Friday, 8 days overdue, around 10pm, she started to dilate. Under inducement, she dilated to 4cm on Saturday. After going through contractions and "labor" for hours, they decided to induce her labor on Sunday at 5am. The inducement slows the baby’s heart. Contractions slow the baby’s heart. So under double stress, Eloise Renee went into stress at 10:10am. All kinds of bad things happen when the baby goes nuts. One of the things that happens is the baby eliminates. Then they have to worry that she might swallow or breathe that in. So. Amanda went directly into surgery and had a C section. Eloise and I got to go in and be with her. Amanda is claustrophobic so having her arms tied down and the sheet pulled up over her head so she couldn’t see was rough for her. By the way, they should never allow mothers into a surgery room with their kids. Elly held up pretty well, all things considered. I talked Am into a controllable calm, but due to shock, she was very cold. I did lean over the sheet and take a picture just as Ellie Rae’s head cleared Amanda’s incision. 10:19am. Kinda cool picture; no blood or anything showing. Ellie Rae was whipped over to the kid doc and the attending respiratory specialist. We got to walk over and watch. Eloise couldn’t watch them clear her airways and suction her stomach and lungs, but I did get a picture of her right before they started. I had to turn off the flash, due to reflection off the instruments, so many of the pictures didn’t come out. Watching a C section sure surprised me. 10 min to deliver and 20 min to clean up.

Amanda spent an hour or so in recovery and then we tossed her into her room to sleep so we could go play with the baby. Then Eloise decided that we would touch her but not hold her until Amanda could, so she would be the 1st person to hold her. So we got to hold her around noon thirty.

So. Was that more than you wanted to hear or what?

GrandPapa 11-07-2005

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