Quieting Down

OK.  The family has resumed it’s normal size. Well, with 1 addition, of course. 
I misspoke about the sleeping arraignments, as Larry and I slept downstairs instead of Amanda and Eloise.  I should have anticipated it.  The 2 shortest people in the house got the king bed and Larry and I slept with our heads and feet hanging over each end.
Larry returned home on Saturday morning and took Mom and Dad with him.  Jeannine stayed until Monday.  I was ready to go home Sunday, but was rudely reminded that I WAS home.
Eloise Renee is turning out to be a really quiet child.  Seldom cries, even when hungry.  Flails around like the monkey that she resembles though.  After such aerobics, she indicates that she is hungry, eats for awhile then sleeps for 3 hours.  She gets her shots today, Tuesday.  We will see if that changes the behavior of Ellie Rae or her mother.
I’ve rediscovered the advantage of having a baby.  If a grown man is carring an infant, he can be rude, bump into people, cut in line and do various nefarious deeds and be completely forgiven (without even asking).  This can be GREAT fun.  I can especially get girls from 5 to 14 and Women of all ages to wait on me hand and foot.  I do have to be careful when Eloise and/or Amanda are around though…..
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