December is here!!

 I am REALLY glad that the Christmas season has started.  Here is the latest from the printed "News Sac"

Keith 11/21/05

Raining again. It looks like the summer season lingered long enough. Last week our daytime highs were in the low 70’s. Today we got rain and 62. ‘Bout time. It’s time for Christmas !!!

Keith 11/28/05

Christmas !!! We’re a little slow in getting the house decorated this year. Eloise Rene really screwed up our schedule by being 2 weeks late. Oh well. Amanda and I got the outside lights up on the 1st and 2nd story of our house on Thanksgiving Day. We ran lights as well as red ribbon (candy cane style) up the street light. I got all 8 tiny reindeer and Rudolph in the yard along with Santa’s Sleigh. Eloise wanted to make a statement this year about the real reason for Christmas. I found Santa kneeling at the mainger, and put him so that it seems that he exited the sleigh just to kneel at the Christ Child. I’ve put lighted stars above to light up the scene.

We still have to finish the rest of the yard. Don’t know when. We’re going to the Trans Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Concert" as we have for the last 6 years this weekend. Eloise has a show this weekend in Sacramento on Sunday, has a show Tues.-Thurs. in San Francisco and then the biggest Christmas Show in Santa Rosa Friday through Sunday. Wipes out the next 3 weekends, and then recovery. The Fence needs the "Merry Christmas" lights, the entire fence, both sides, needs icicles and lights, every walkway (front and back) need outline lights, the creek and stream need lights, the new cypress need lights, the flagpole gets lights……. May not finish this year….. I have no idea when Eloise will do the inside. We’re about halfway with the lights o the tree, which means we’ve just passed 1300 or 1400 lights there…… I think that we usually get 2200 or 2300 mini-lights on the 12 foot tree.

If you want to see what our house usually looks like and the music that we BLAST at Christmas, get thyself on your computer, turn up the volume and go to:

Keith 12/01/2005

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