Christmas with the Claus’s

The lights are up.  Well, kinda.  Today, Saturday is the 1st weekend that I have free since Thanksgiving.  So today I will spred the lights into the backyard.  Our "Merry Christmas" sign will hit the fence.  The creek and pond will be outlined.  The cyprus will get lights.
Eloise has taken the last 3 days and decorated the inside.  Every room has it’s theme.  Every room has garland, lights, dolls, scenes, nutcrackers, etc.  The tour date has been set.  She is typing up the itinerary/guide to the house so that the kids will see everything.
I candy caned the streetlight this year.  I used to wrap red 3" ribbon around it.  This year I added white lights.  Shows up at night now.  I’m thinking about doing the same to all 18 porch posts.  We’ll see.  All "8 tiny reindeer" and Rudolph have been working for weeks.  I got a Santa kneeling at the manger that sits next to the sleigh with stars overhead.  I was thinking of putting Santa on top of our chimney, but with Sac winds I wasn’t sure how to secure him.  The kneeling Santa  helps with the "statement" that Eloise wanted to make though.
We’ve made it a point to shop only where "Merry Christmas" is spoken.  Happy Holidays isn’t good enough.  I always ask "And what holiday are you speaking of?"  I’ve always thanked any Jewish person who wished me "Happy Honika"…… 
OK.  Since this is hard to read, I’ll just post pictures. 
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