Employee of the Month

OK, We’re back at work after all of the hoopla of the Holidays.  Amanda is gearing up to return to work and We at ASC are still running.  It seems that we really haven’t had a winter yet.  My customers are still working pretty steady.  Most Januarys are sporatic at best.  This January broke records.
And due to such activity, we have a new Employee of the month.  Their picture is at the end of this article. 
Eloise and Amanda (and Ellie Rae) are in Vallejo this weekend.  There is a Doll Show there on Saturday.  Elly has reworked her website again and is now reorganizing how that business is run.  She will do more Corporate and Business shows and less collector shows.  Her business is drifting away from limited editon items and leaning toward china and teas sets, handbags, cell phone accessories, and decorative items for the house.  The web address is still www.jeloise.com .  The store is now just part of the total website.  There will be more information on where she will display and stuff on the homepage.  (If I can get it formatted correctly).
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