Ma n Pa

WE went to see Mom and Dad last weekend.  They now live in Standish, Calif.  OK, we also saw Larry and Kat.  MnD live in a modular home similar to the one in Rohnert Park.  Only this one comes with a view.  They have an unobstructed view of the mountains from every window.  Being set on 6 acres in the high desert helps the view.  I thought that I had a picture of their place, but, alas, I can’t find it.  I will post it when I find it.  You can go to MapQuest and search for Chappius Road in Standish, Calif and It will show you where they are.
They really seem to enjoy the location.  They have found an active Seniors Center in Susanville.  Larry and Kat are living in their guest bedroom until this spring when Larry will start building their house.  Larry and Kat’s house will be connected to MnD’s new Garage.  The 6 acres belong to LnK and Larry will be raising hogs and steers too.  I was told that they will be selling the acrage up on the hill.
Adam wants to get Dad a pot-bellied pig for a pet.  I don’t know, though.  Larry fattens ’em up and eats them.
More later…….
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