Walking again

Off & Walking

I got a phone call just as I was pulling in the driveway today. It was my lovely wife; "If you will bring a diaper or two, We will let you buy us {Amanda & Eliose} dinner at Carl’s Jr. So, there goes my plan to walk again today.

I’ve really gotten bad this year. As a priority, walking has been a distant last. So. I packed up 4or5 diapers, a package of baby-wipes, put on my walking shoes and hit the sidewalk. It’s about a mile or so. Beat them there, too. Afterwards, I walked back, too. Funny thing about walking… I saw and spoke to four of our neighbors during this walk that I utherwise woulkn’t have even seen. When you walk, you see and speak to everyone you meet. When driving, you go from point A to point B with zero personal contact. You MAY talk to others in the car, but now with portable cell phones, cd’s and dvd movres in cars, even fellow passengers avoid conversing!

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