On Being Deaf
I never understood what it meant when hard of hearing people described what they heard.  Last week, with an ear infection, I sneezed amid coughing.  Blew a hole in my left eardrum.  Really painfull.  (by the way, as a temp pain killer, use garlic juice.  We didn’t have garlic juice, so I used onion juice.  Not as good, but it DOES work.)  Spent the night making and pouring onion juice into my ear.  Did you know that with a hole in your ear, you can pour onion juice into your ear and have it run out your nose??
Anyway, the Doc gave me some good pills and I spent the next 2 weeks avoiding any music or loud sounds.  As I had a puncture in 1 ear and the other filled with fluid, I would actually hear 2 different frequencies for the same sound.  Music became a jumble of unrelated sounds.
After a month, the hole is healing nicely.  The infection in the other ear is still hanging on though.  (and with me not being able to blow my nose for a month)  At least what little sound I hear now is in tune with each ear.  However, I now have a valid reason for "selective Hearing".    It’s a kids dream.
So, today I made an appt for a specialist……
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