Valentine’s Day

Say, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I just sent an email to all of the guys in the men’s group at the River Church reminding them to protect themselves.  Hey, points are points, doesn’t matter how cheesy you get them….
Last weekend I had Ellie Rae for both days.  Mom was working with Eloise at shows.  I find it absolutely amazing how much attention a guy can get by dressing up a 1 year old and hanging out around the grocery store or the mall.  I have discovered that it I really look concerned and like I’m trying really hard, that I don’t have to change diapers, feed her or buy my own coffee.  cool huh?
Mom and Dad are surviving the cold.  We have had a record dry and record cold winter.  Adam & I will drive up to their house on the 23rd of Feb.  I think that EJ, AJ & ER might go also.  Adam & I are finishing the barn so that Larry can move some stuff into a closed in area.  This should let them have more room in Mom & Dad’s house.  Larry had framed a storage shed last summer also.  If we have time, Ad & I will cut it half and pull it apart, roof it and enclose it.
Eloise has been really busy with her new business.  She shows her products at Home & Garden Shows, Corporate Shows and private shows in clients homes.  She had 1 private show, and 2 home shows last week.  Amanda helps her with the logistics, such as inventory, show prep and bookwork.  Being that Amanda also works for me as a mechanic and retail clerk, she stays busy.
better go for now. more later.
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