Bob Fohlen

Well, it’s been some time since I posted….. Alot has happened recently.

I guess that I’ll start current and work backwards (until I run out of time /energy/want to.

We lost Eloise’s step-father on July 4th. He and Jeannine had been married 14 years less 1 day. They had stopped at our house on Fathers Day. They were on their way to Seattle for Trevor’s wedding. (the 1st of the grand-kids to get married) Bob had 4 heart surgeries in the last 15 years and numerious heart attacks. He had a pace-maker. By the second day at our house, I had disabled their motor home. There was no way that I was going to let Bob drive to Seattle. He was on a portable oxygen tank and still wasn’t getting enough air. The next day, he finally let Eloise take him to the emergency room. They immediately jammed a tube down his throat, as his lungs were almost full of fluid. By the time I saw him, his skin had gone from a gray parchment color back to normal. He was then transfered to Napa, which is where his doctors are. They ran a tube through his side and kept a pump on constantly to keep his lungs clear. Without the throat tube and with morphine, he was now comfortable and able to converse. We then were told that a cancer, unknown to then, which is believed to have started in the lung lining, had taken over completely. Bob was told that he had 2-3 weeks left. We then called all of his family and all of Jeannine’s family and updated them. Jeannine was allowed 24/7 with Bob. Eloise, Amanda, Ellie Rae and I spent most evenings, some days and all weekends with them. 2 of Bob’s kids were able to see him before he passed. Eloises’s sister, CynDee and her son Travis came down for a few days. Travis was probably the closest of the grandkids to Bob, so it was really great that he got to see him. The memorial was on July 17th. All 3 of Bob’s kids made it. All of Jeannine’s kid’s and all of their kids and jeannine’s only great grand child made it. It was a great tribute to Jeannine that her family traveled from Washington to express their love and support for Bob and Jeannine. Even Trevor and his new bride of 7 days, April, excised their honeymoon to be there!

We love you Robert. We miss you.

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