Hokay,  Once again it is past August and flying toward October.  I was reminded of the time of year by the purchasing of the 1st Christmas presents today. 
And it is lunchtime.  be right back.
  OK.  so I didn’t get back for 2 weeks…….  Got to figure out how to get the photos off my phone and onto blog…..
We’re having dinner with Adam and Lindsey and Amanda and Ellie Rae and Jeannine……  oh and Linds family.  Don’t know how many of them yet.  We have met and had a great time with her Mom and step-Dad, younger brother and sister (twins).  We have met her older sister and husband (since July?) and her very unmarried older brother.  Eloise gets on really well with Mom and Lindsey’s maternal grandmother.  We hope to get to know them really well this year.  The kids are talking about moving back to the Sacramento Valley this next spring.  We’re really looking forward to it.  It looks like Amanda is going to stay in Sonoma County.  Airless Spray Center will really miss her as a full time employee.  I think that for the immediate future, I can get her back on a temp arraingement.    Airless Spray Center 

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