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Airless Spray Center

I had a really busy week at the shop today.  The repairs shop had quite a few machines that needed to be turned asap.  3 nights of OT (after store hours).
The airless spray business is quite a peculiar one.  We are now getting "private label" machines that carry the same model number as the standard manufacturers machines, when they are actually a cheaper made and inferior product.  Most of them, the Kelly Moore machines, include parts and assemblies from prior, simpler models.  It doesn’t make them poor machines, just not what they appear to be.  Marketing.!
I am still selling the Wagner/Amspray/Spraytech models online as well as in the store.  For consumer quality sprayers, these are the best on the market.  All 3 are made by the same company. Within each model line, there are nly the labels and slight differences in the cart and color.  A model line can be decerned by the distinguishing numbers within the model name.  i.e. A 9140, 1420 & 1400 are all in the "14" group and are identical in specs.  9170=1720=1700  etc
The worst of the consumer pumps is the Magnum line sold at Home Depot.  They are the line that we stock and sell the most parts for.  They have taken a piston pump and drive it like a diaphragm pump.  A single action pump has to work 2.5 times as hard to do the same work.  The electrics are also propriatary and expensive and prone to need replacement.
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