Cleaning products

Incredible cleaning products!

I have had a couple of machines in the back that needed to be cleaned up and sold or rented. Both of these machines had been covered by asphalt products. 1 was only used for 2 months, so wasn’t a severe case. It just was sticky and looked bad. The other machine is a couple of years old and none of the original colors or decals on the machine were visible. In a later post, I will include before and after photos.
I have had a few cleaning products for sale for 3-4 years. I have had no personal experience with them and have had to rely on any feedback that I could get regarding their performance.
You won’t believe how well they work. "Liquid dynamite" started cutting through the tar and paint immediately. It softened all of the coatings and didn’t even touch the original paint or decals. There is hardly any odor and it doesn’t seem to bother any of our skin. This is the stuff that most of our customers should use to clean off the exterior of their equipment.
When we got to the really bad machine, it was working, but slowly. I hauled out the "Sledge Hammer" bottle. Oh man! This stuff cuts through 1/4" thick material. Still doesn’t hurt the chrome or paint. Some scraping is still required, but only because the material is so thick. It does have a strong odor and will cause a "soap burn" if it contacts your skin. It is biodegradable though, so water instantly cuts it and neutralizes it’s strength. We wore gloves and just rinses off any contact that was made. More info will be posted when the "after" pictures are in.

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