Happy New Year

Here we are in Windsor.  Back where we used to live.  Actually, we are in our time share, in Windsor, about 2 miles from our old house.  The area has really changed in 7 years!!  Back when I rode the proposed city limits, this cow pasture was mostly a swamp.  Now, after we approved the golf course, the rest is now houses.

We met Eloise’s sister and family here.  Also, Jeannine invited Bob’s kids to stay here also.  So we have: Neil & CynDee, son Travis and exchange student Jorge; Jeannine; My bride Eloise, myself, Amanda, Eloise Rene; and on Bob’s side – Jeff, son Chris and his girlfriend Katie; Melanie and Steve; Michelle and son Adam; Bob’s brother George and his girlfriend Jennifer.

We are scheduled to go to "Safari West" today.  I believe that it is a new "wild" animal place that has opened a few miles from here on the east side of hwy 101.

Adam made the supreme sacrifice and spent Christmas in Hawaii with Lindsey’s family.  They arrived back in California yesterday and we hope that they will drive the 90 miles north to see the family.  Neil and family are here from Spokane, Washington.  I helped Adam pick out a ring for Lindsey for Christmas.  He was the only one that didn’t know that it was an engagement ring.  Lynds called me from Hawaii to thank me for the help, and said that she will break the engagement to him gently.

Hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Year !

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