Arizona Hartsuiker’s

Mom & Dad successfully made the move to Fort Mojave, Arizona.  I’ve talked to Dad a couple of times since their move and everything seems to be going OK.  Kathy was a great help to them during this endeavor.  Their house is full of boxes, but all of the necessary things were unpacked with the help of Larry and Kat during the Christmas break.

Larry and Kat are still in Susanville working.  Kat is applying for a job in the area that Mom & Dad live in.  When she gets one, Larry will also quit his job and they will move close by the Fort Mojave area.  They are hoping to get acreage, so it would be nice if they could host the family reunion that cousin Gary Hartsuiker is planning.  (more on that later)  Larry has their property on the hill for sale and is also overseeing the listing and sale of the Susanville house and land for He and Dad.

Fort Mojave is only 70 or 80 <?> miles from Las Vegas, so Eloise and I are hoping to fly into Vegas, stay at our time share there and drive down to see Mom & Dad and bring them back to stay in Vegas with us.  Dad said that he hasn’t seen Vegas since the early 1970’s.  Boy, is he in for a treat.  Elly and I spent 4 days walking Vegas just seeing the free exhibits and touring the casinos look at the architecture and decor.  It’s unlike anything else you will ever see.  It’s worth the trip just to see the dancing water show at the Ballagio!!  Check out  click on video tour.

Hey, If Larry can get a property by the time that Gary wants to set up the reunion, we can host a tour of Vegas.  There are also places that Eloise and I can look into for the reunion that would be close by Vegas.  I will check out our properties.  Make sure that you plan for and schedule the reunion!!  Both of our kids want to go this time.  Keep up the pressure on Gary to schedule a date.

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