WorldMark now by wyndham

We just completed a 1 week stay at the WorldMark facility located in Windsor, Ca.  It is strategically located in front of the Windsor Golf Course.  Yes, I know, we used to live within 2 or 3 miles of the place.  We met Elly’s mom there and between us, we had 4 rooms.  Eloise & I, Jeannine, Amanda and Ellie Rae, Elly’s sister CynDee & Neil Aerts, their son Travis guest Jorge,  Bob’s daughters Melanie & Steve and Michelle & Adam,  Bob’s brother George & Jennifer, Bob’s son Jeff and his son Chris and girlfriend Katie all had dinner in Bob’s memory as this vacation was planed before he passed away.  George and I both had birthdays, so we had a birthday dinner there too.

The company was great.  The dinners and wine tasting were great.  The weather could have been better.  The Worldmark facilities were horrible.  Everything from the layout of the buildings to the condition of the beds was terrible.  We were in room 5101, first floor of building 5 by the stairs.  We had a herd of elephants on the floor above us and had to complain 4 times in 1 night to the front desk.  Our front door had no insulation and standing in front of it (when closed) was like standing in front of an open window.  The heater didn’t work the first 2 nights and I used the stove heat the place until the maintenance guy came in and freed the heat valve with his hammer.  We had a king bed, which was nice, but the box spring looked like it had been dragged behind a truck.  The coffee pot had a broken lid, so we stole one from another room.  The Ethernet was wired only.  Not a problem except that it was located at the fireplace and TV, clear across the living area from any tables or chairs.  The patios on the 2nd and 3rd floors all have railings.  Not the ground floor.  Looks unfinished and lets anyone from the patio to trample the landscaping all over, which I saw every room do.  We had 2 handicapped people in our party.  The handicapped parking was in the exact center of the parking lot,  equal in distance from any building.  If they were any further from our building, they would have been closer to the next building!!  There were 4 light switches in the hall and the switches were in the exact opposite order of the distance of the lights to the switches  (huh??).  We were in a Gimp room and so the sink cabinet front was left off to access the sink from a wheelchair.  However, they didn’t cap off the side cabinet walls and there is bare particle board exposed to the front (and below) of the sink,  right where any water will end up.  Amanda found the arms of her livingroom chair were frayed.  The bathroom pocket doors weren’t painted inside the pocket.  tacky.  There was no pass through on the ground floor from the front of the building to the rear, so one goes to the center of your floor, down to the ground floor, around the end of the building, through the parking lot and back to the center, rear of building 5 to get to the hot tub, pool, recreation hall, etc.

This is a new facility.  Where was their owner’s representative??

Sorry, but needed to vent.

Our last stay with Worldmark was in Bend, Oregon.  It is an exceptional place.  It raised our standard of expectation.  Lake Tahoe has a great place too.

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