It’s the “Ellie Rae & Opa Show”

I’m watching the playoff games today.  The Patriots have beaten the Chargers and I’m hoping that the Packers will beat the Giants.  I would really like to see Bret Favre go against Tom Brady.  I like both of them and really don’t care who would win.  No, not true.  I would like to see the "old guy" win.  Just ’cause he’s the old guy.  I mean, he’s not old like Gary or Chris Jr..   But at the age of one of their grandkids, he’s still old for pro football.  The men’s group at church has scheduled a Super Bowl Party.  It’s a great way for us to socialize and get to know each other better.

Eloise has been in LA for 4 days.  I have had Ellie Rae all by my lonesome.  I have now solidified my position as her favorite human.  This is due to me letting her (and encouraging her) to do all of the things that her mother and grandmother won’t let her do.  She is now watching the Green Bay vs NY Giants game, sitting on her own futon, eating chips, almonds and various munchies; drinking chocolate milk and belching loudly.  Of course she still giggles and says ‘scuse me.    Eloise needs to be picked up tonight at 10pm.  It’s really nice that Sacramento Airport is within 10 minutes of our house.  She said that the trade show was slow, so she will have her work cut out for her this Spring,

Her laptop motherboard died 2 days before she left.  Her financial information and her POS (business cash register and inventory) are on it.  If it wasn’t a laptop, it wouldn’t be such a problem.  I’d buy a new computer, exchange the hard drives and fire it up.  But with a laptop, they’re all different.  I’ll probably buy a new laptop, remove the old hard drive and install it in an external HD box and retrieve the info on it to the new machine.  The main problem is that her ordering and communication program that she HAS to use for her reping job has to have Windoze XP.  It absolutely will not run on Vista.  I have 2 Vista machines.  It is to be avoided at all costs.  In 2 or 3 years, it will be OK, but not yet!!  Networking with Vista is a nightmare!!  So my day off (ha) is a goner.  I should have posted a special sale day at Airless Spray Center.  It would have been more fun and maybe I’d have made enough money on Monday to at least pay the sales tax on the new machine.   But then I wouldn’t get to spend the day with my bride and youngest fan. 

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