Sunshine Again

With the arrival of March, we are seeing some sunny days again.  This is good for 2 reasons.  One is that Airless customers will come out of hibernation and go back to work.  This means that business will start up for the year 2008.  The second reason is that Ellie Rae has spent every day indoors since we got her.  I get her up at 6am and we trek together to work.  She has a play area in the office, but only really gets out to exercise when we run to the mailbox for the mail.  When we get home sometime after 5pm. it’s too dark and cold for her to go out to play.  So with the sunshine, I will be able to open the roll-up door and she will get to play in the sun.

Mom & Dad

I talk to Dad at least once a week.  They really enjoy their new place.  There is a standing invitation for all of you to visit them.  They have a guest bedroom and for the heavy gamblers like Jenny, Las Vegas is about 75 or 80 miles away.  For those that just want to sneak a poker game in, Laughlin is less than 30 min away.  If you are MapQuesting them, the city is Fort Mojave, Arizona.

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