Mother’s Day

Last weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day, Eloise’s Birthday, Chuck’s birthday and the twins (Taylor and Lauren) birthday.  Eloise’s cake said " Happy 34th Birthday ",  Chuck refused to state his age citing "refusing to perjure himself",  and I believe that his twins celebrated their 14th.  We met at Lucille’s (Lindsey’s Grandmother) clubhouse.  The women supplied all of the food and the guys…….  well, we showed up as instructed.  Except brother Kyle,  he showed up late again…..  He was there in time to eat though.  Although with Linds and Heather supplying the fruit and chips, we could have just had fruit and chips and all been stuffed.  Debron brought more food than we could have eaten in 3 days.  Adam BBQ’ d the chicken and corn.  I think that the food multiplied while we weren’t looking ’cause we all took full platters home.

It was good to see the newlyweds, Jen and Brad.  Brad was pretty subdued as is expected of any newly married man.  It takes us all some time to adjust to the fact that we have just given up our independence to become the Brides husband.

Other new things that happened there were that we got to meet Lindsey’s uncle and spouse, Drew and Barbara.  It was nice adding their names to the list of names that I struggle to remember.  We also met Aunt Heidi, her daughter Becky and her fiance Tim.  We had met Cousin Heather last year.

Ellie Rae got to go swimming with Uncle Adam.  He taught her to kick her legs and is working on the "floating" idea.  She is definitely a "water kid".  She also got to play with Jen’s puppy "Wicket".  I’m hoping that someone got pictures.  I forgot to bring my camera.

Adam & Lindsey have moved into a duplex in San Mateo.  Adam loves it.  They have an office/bedroom, washer and dryer in the garage, a GARAGE and a backyard that accommodates the Soft Hot Tub that Papa Bob and Grams gave them.  It is far enough off of Hwy 101 so that the noise is minimal but is close enough to be on the freeway within a few minutes.  Lindsey hasn’t fully acclimated to the new place yet.  She will have to work on and get used to the new furniture arrangements and the new decor.  I expect the place to be fully Lindsafied by the years end.

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