Ivy Raen

Over two years ago, I emailed Kristal a picture of Ellie Rae and told her how much fun it was to have her with us.  I believe that my exact wording was, You need to get one of these.  Well apparently, she took my advice, spent some time shopping (a long time shopping) and deciding on time, size and color options.

Ivy Raen Alcazar was announced to us on Thursday, August 28th.  I MUST be misspelling her name.  Cousin Ron has a Hannah Rain.  Raen?  Oh well.  What can you say about new parents these days?  They make up names for their offspring and move from the west coast to Texas.  Oh yeah.  Brother Larry and his bride were at our house on their way to San Francisco and we were disturbed by a phone call around 9:15pm.  Larry answered the phone after looking at the caller id.  He hit the speaker and we heard "Hi Grandpa".  The ensuing screams and cat calls drowned out his next words.  Marcelo, the new "Dad", had called Larry to announce the birth of Ivy.  Over 8 pounds and 20 inches, she arrived quite boldly just after 11pm Texas time.  Mom was doing very well.  You could hear Daddy’s pride over the miles of phone line.  A flurry of calls came and went.  And Larry will never be the same again.  Before they left on Friday to go the the city, Larry and Kat were figuring out a plan on how to get to Texas…..

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