Fantasy Football

OK. OK.  I know that I said that I would never join a fantasy football league.  I lied.  I have a friend that I have never met that has bugged me for a month to join their league.  You see, It is a bunch of sarcastic Dutchmen that have formed a league of their own.  Due to the sarcastic nature of their wit (?), they don’t want mere mortals to participate.  They need 12 teams to get granted their own league.  As of opening day of the NFL, they had 10.  After enduring a few emails of blistering invitations, I agreed that I would sign on (it’s free of course) if they got an 11the team and couldn’t dredge up a 12th.  So last week, I got the email that I was hoping to not get.  They had 11.  So I agreed, only if I don’t have to read up on players, do anything on a timely basis, cheer for the Cowboys or Raiders OR participate in the drafting of players.  I gave him permission to run my draft and I will accept any players I get.  I was informed that my conditions were granted and the draft was automatic.  I just had to sign up, pick a team name, look at draft options and check any players that I knew that I would like to have.  Or not.

I signed on (up) and created the "Pumas".  Our league is "Dutch Treat".  I clicked on everything automatic.  Then I went to the automatic draft and looked at how they had the names listed (ranked).  I selected JT O’Sullivan because he is inexperienced in the league and is GROSSLY underrated.  I like Kurt Warner ’cause he is old and reliable.  They became my 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks for quarterbacks.  I don’t like either Manning and Roma is a Cowboy, so let’m fight over them.  I like Favre, but in and out of retirement is goofy.  I picked Frank Gore for running back and Larry Fitzgerald for Wide Receiver and the Steelers defense.  The rest, I don’t know or care much about.  As long as Dallas and Oakland lose, I’m good.  Hopefully the 49ers and Redskins win.

So.  All set up for week 3, I turned on the telly and fired up the laptop.  Hoping to figure out how one wins or loses at this.  Scoring at this is interesting to say the least.  How do you cheer when the running back you have is plowing up the defense team that you have??  Hope that he runs for 90 yards, then drops the ball so that you can recover the fumble??  How schizophrenic can one be??  So… you have to gather points from all of the players from all of the teams that you have listed as "active".  I had 9 players on 9 different teams.  So you don’t watch all of your players.  (well, I guess that some nuts do)  I watched the Niners, ’cause I like them and kept the laptop on my "game" against the other team.  cool.  You can "chat" with the other team "owners" during the games over the website.  Which means "verbal abuse" in this league.  No wonder that the don’t let "sensitive" races into this league.  My game was give and take through the first quarter.  I was losing.  Then in the 2nd quarter, he lost his best runner/receiver/scorer to injury.  I was leading at the half.  Then in the second half, the Pumas really got down to business.  At the close of Sundays games, I was done for the week with a score of 109 !!!!!  The Footballiers (English as a second language?) were at 55 points and only had his kicker for Monday Night Football.  No way can a kicker get close to 54 points.  So now they want to find a new owner for my team.  Typical Dutchmen.

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