New Internet Phone

After watching the fiasco with VOIP (internet) phones, I finally heard of one that seems to appeal to the prudent buyer.  Vonage has such a bad reputation here for poor voice quality and dropping calls, Skype is similar and is expensive.  AT&T now has VOIP here that comes under the U-Verse label.  But it is internet iffy and at $40.00 per month, unless you really like to talk on the phone, is expensive too.  Enter MagicJack.  1. it is sooooo simple.  plug a USB jack into your desktop OR LAPTOP. It installs its own software phone and gets you to the setup menu where you get your new phone number.  2, It uses ANY regular phone.  no special phone gear to buy.  Therefore, better clarity of sound!  3. $40 for the USB device and your 1st YEAR of local and long distance calling.  1st YEAR.  Every year after that, it will cost you $20.00  PER YEAR.

This is worth trying out.  I had read both good and bad about the service.  Most of the bad was lack of customer service.  I can’t figure out what you need customer service for.  I’ve installed it and used it for a month now.  I can’t figure out what they were calling customer service for.?.  The sound is great.  Setup couldn’t be simpler.  You are limited as the area code prefix’s.  I have area code 916 like all of our other phones, but prefix 222 ???  Where is Michigan Bar, Ca??  I will have to look on a map…..

I have it installed on my desktop at home AND on my laptop.  At home, I have a Uniden cordless base phone which has 3 remote cordless phones connected.  Ha!!  Full use of the internet phone everywhere on our property.  yes, even in the hot tub.  I carry a small flip phone in the laptop case for when I’m anywhere that there is wireless internet.  Coffee shops, book stores, hotels, etc.  Yes, I carry a cell phone, and I have unlimited calls to Verizon customers and more minutes than needed for the rest of you guys, but this is a phone that at home can be shared by everyone there.  AND if I am away from home, the same calls get through.  Oh,  the $20 per year includes call forwarding and voicemail and ,,,,,,,,other stuff too.

Check it out.

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