After using magicJack for over 2 months now, I highly recommend it.  I even got another magicJack for the business.  I have now cut my AT&T service to the minimum.  Commercial phones are expensive time wise, so this will save me around $30.00 per month in local and short distance alone.

AND  for those of you that have received a call from one of our mJ numbers, you will see that the caller ID says Michigan Bar, CA.  I looked this up on the net.  I found this…

Gold was discovered on the Cosumnes River in 1848 by two men from Michigan in the vicinity of the historic Nisenan settlement of Palamul. In the 1850s the town of Michigan Bar was the largest in Cosumnes Township, with as many as 1500 people. By 1880 the town had declined but retained its post office, Wells Fargo Office, and important pottery works. Little remained by the 20th century and much of the town was destroyed by hydraulic mining and dredging.  But the technique also created tons of debris, much of which made its way into the river system, depositing silt and flooding croplands. Only after a major lawsuit filed by Sacramento and San Joaquin valley farmers was California hydraulic mining curtailed in 1884.


Marker Number: 468


County: Sacramento

Has Official CA Plaque: no

Marker Dedication Date:

State Hwy 16, (P.M. 22.4) 0.1 mi E of Michigan Bar Rd

So, Michigan Bar Road meets Hwy 16 exactly 20.23 miles from Airless Spray Center.

I didn’t select the prefix because it was close by.  I chose the prefix because it is easy to remember (222)  And with calling so cheap now, the area code is the only thing that matters at all.

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