Family Christmas Letter 2008

Dearest Friends & Family

We pray that this Glorious Season finds you and your loved ones well, safe and healthy.

2008 has been a year of blessings and challenges, wonderful opportunities, and loss.

We have been blessed with the awesome opportunity of opening a

Child care business specializing, in infants and toddlers.

Amanda and I spend our days cuddling, teaching, and loving

precious little ones.  We absolutely love it!  I have never been happier in a career.  (For those to whom we have had irregular contact, you can view our childcare online at

Adam has a wonderful job as a Project Manager/Job Superintendent

for high end remodeling. Lindsey (his girlfriend of 3years) is the event planner for

Santana Row, which is a beautiful upscale shopping experience in San Jose.

They live in the Bay Area, but her family also lives in the Sacramento Area, so we see them frequently.  It is heartwarming to watch them with Ellie Rae. She adores both of them, and they her.

We are very thankful that Amanda and Ellie Rae are able and willing to live with us. Amanda and I have always been close, but sharing the responsibilities of home and business have allowed us to see each other woman to woman, mother to mother, and mother/daughter. I am eternally grateful for this time.

Keiths business has been one of the challenges of 2008. We are praying that another opportunity will become available in the future. But in the mean time we are grateful for the companies that are still able to use his services.

In April we lost Keiths Dad. He wasn’t ill for very long which was a blessing, for him. We know that he is at peace with the Lord, and that gives us comfort, but he is deeply missed.

Elly’s mom moved to Spokane Wash in Nov.  She has a wonderful apartment in a Senior Community, close to both CynDee and Doug (Ellys’sister and brother)

She had her Christmas tree decorated Thanksgiving weekend, I will miss seeing it and being with her.

So, as the changes and blessings of life unfold as they must, we keep our faith in the Lord, and continue to trust.


May you have a Joyous Christmas


The Hartsuiker Family

Keith and Eloise

Amanda and Ellie Rae

Adam and Lindsey

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