Winter. winter?

We arrived home from Klamath Falls to cold, spring like weather.  It has been cool and dry.  I had frost on the windshield on only 3 mornings.  After 2 weeks of vacation, I had a really hard time driving in to the shop.

Oregon was beautiful.  We had 2 two bedroom units that were great.  More room than we needed, but better than too little.  Amanda and Ellie Rae had the end unit and Eloise and I had the unit facing their door.  That made our entrances private from all of the others.  Amanda decorated our patios and porches, we were on the second floor, and both she and Eloise decorated the inside of both units.  We got a live tree in town and the girls decorated it too.  Adam and Lindsey came up for a few days too.  There is an outdoor ice skating rink at the entrance to the resort and everyone but me got to skate.  Ellie Rae got her first ice skating lesson as a gift from Eloise.  At 3, she has strong enough ankles to stand perfectly straight without instruction.  Most of the kids there were walking on the sides of their skates, but Ellie Rae walked straight on the blades instantly.  Adam got a new camera for Christmas, so there are lots of pictures.  While they were all skating Adam gave me his camera, so there are LOTS of pictures.  I will retrieve some from my camera and will post some of the pictures from Adam when he gets them developed and printed.

oh.  winter.  lost my train of thought.  We finally got some rain today.  Well, a southern California or Seattle rain anyway.  It is really a steady drizzle.  At this point, we are glad for any rain at all.  It is expected to rain like this for a few days though.  Surely enough to pick up the economy for the local auto body shops.

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