HK debacle

Ho boy.  Don’t buy a HK firearm.  I have a friend that inherited a HK9.  Upon inspection, there was a loose part in the slide.  He brought it to me to look at.  Neither of us can find where this part would go.  But where it was found, leads one to think that it may be part of the slide.  Not wanting to fire it without someone with a parts breakdown looking at it, I contacted HK.  They informed me that no one is authorized or RECOGNIZED as being able to work on ANY HK except Them – the HK Factory.!!  AND THEY WON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT!!  It is obsolete, (1976??) and they aren’t interested in if it works or not.

They will not even help find a smithy that might have seen one before.  H&R imported these pistols, so I contacted them.  They referred me to HK.  H&R doesn’t even want to talk about handguns anymore.  I called HK again and asked for a local HK dealer.  They “have no list of dealers”!! They have no "list of anyone who works on or sells parts for HK" !! 

Real nice folks there at HK.  I’ve heard that they make good stuff, but I will never buy anything that they make or sell or distribute.    Ever.

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