Daycare Update

Eloise has decided to expand her daycare business.  She has applied for a small house to a large house license.  Her new license comes with a few different rules.  The Fire Marshall makes sure that your smoke and fire alarms are up to code, that being 1 in each room.  She needs to have the emergency routes drawn up, with instructions, in plain view, even though her oldest, at 4 years old can’t read. (or see that high).  Both exits doors must have “single action” locks and latches.  One motion opens both the knob and the deadbolt.  This insures that exiting in a hurry is an uncomplicated maneuver.  It also means that even the 2 year olds can now exit easily, at their discretion.  Great idea, that.

We may redesign the backyard too.  I think that the creek takes up too much real estate.  So.  The plan is to dig a new pond right at the waterfall.  I will change the waterfall some, also.  We will use the excavated dirt to fill the existing pond.  Both are about 6’’ X 10’ X 4-5’ deep.  The creek, which runs from the back fence to the dining room pond will be broke up and both it and the old pond will be planted with grass.

Just thinking about it makes me tired.  Think I’ll go take a nap.

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