Great Day in Sacramento

We had a great day here today.  Travis got in from Washington yesterday.  Rachael came up yesterday.  Aaron (Aar-Bear) came yesterday.  David and Debra Dix came up this morning.  They all came up to witness and share in our celebration of Amanda getting baptized.  Amanda was baptized at the 10:45 am service and we had everyone over for lunch.  Eloise, of course, had enough food for forty, so we were really glad that Pastor Jim and Jerolyn Bogear and Brian, Amber and Stephen stopped by to celebrate with us.

Rachael and Aaron had to leave this afternoon to rest up for work on Monday, but we have Travis for a slave for the whole week.  Oh Boy.  Get out the Honey Do list.  We’ve got a live one.  Trav helped dig the hole for the pond out back……. Ha.  We’re filling it back in and re-digging another.  All the rocks that line the 40’ creek……gotta be moved.  As well as the rocks IN the creek.  I figure that he will be SO glad to get to Boot Camp!!

Anyway, today is Great, God is good to us and we’re thankful for all of you.

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