eXfuze update

We had a great eXfuze meet in Vacaville.  There were 8 of us there, plus 2 presenters.  We had 2 or 3 people see our group and ask for the readers digest version afterwards.  I learned more and am now realizing that I will need to formulate my thesis concerning how and why I have come to use and sell Seven Plus.  I guess that it sums up to this: I would drink Seven plus, even if there never was any financial gain in it for me.  However, getting in on the ground floor of a company with this product and at this time is something that cannot be dismissed!

My immediate family has witnessed how this has changed my health and they are now all signing up.  EVEN my MOM!!  She was sold on the product before Larry had even brought me my free bottle.  Now, with hearing us talk about the business side of eXfuze, she insisted on joining.  We told her that we would make sure that she should always get he Seven Plus, but she was adamant about signing on.

So. at 5 weeks in, I have now received my check from eXfuze.  (they pay weekly)  I have grossed just under 40% of my total investment, including all of the Seven Plus that our 4 family members have drank, to date.  At this rate, my fourth month will have me handily in the net profit range after all startup costs, maintenance costs, usage costs, etc.  I have never even heard of a business that would do that.  And this with only a semi-part time effort.  I mean, I was sooooo reluctant to join a MLM company that I have avoided letting anyone know what I’m involved with.  (I know that I need to swallow more than a little pride and “come out of the closet” with this)

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