Cheap Music

If you would like to add some music to your collection, but balk at the download prices from iTunes, take a look at  I have been finding songs that no one else has.  I’ve found some of Rick Wakeman’s obscure recordings that I love!  And you can download each song for less than $0.10.  I paid $.75 or $.50 for entire albums.  I just now downloaded the entire Creedence Crearwater Revival “Chronicle Album #1 for $.50 !!  That’s right 50 cents!! All 20 tracks.

I have found some great artists that you may like.  For old time rock and roll, try Gary Hoey.  He has been a favorite of mine for years.  Or for piano music, try David Lantz.  I’m sure that you have your own favorites too.  comment here or email me with suggestions.  Just no rap, punk chanting monks or anyone else that has 2 notes and 26 verses of the same thing over and over and over again……..

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