Road Trips

Eloise and I have taken 2 road trips this month.  This is after giving them up completely.  The trip down to our 30th High School Reunion almost did me in.  By the time that we got there, I was riding in the back of the truck in excruciating pain.  I spent the night with pain meds, muscle relaxants and my friend Ambian.  It was 24 hours after getting there that we met the first of our friends and it being a cocktail party helped the meds allot.  Anyway, no more driving (or flying) if the trip is more than an hour or 2.

Now after Seven Plus.  Two weeks ago, we drove to Spokane Washington, spent 2 days and drove back, stopping off in Portland, Oregon.  I went without any meds except 1/2 pain pill on the trip back.  Too much inactivity made me stiffen up and then I can’t get comfortable.   The next day after the trip was great though.  It was as if I had not spent 4 of the previous 6 days on the road, in a car.  This was excellent news!!

So.  My bride has wanted to go see her father.  He lives 450 miles away in Southern California.  Originally, we thought that she would fly down by her lonesome.  However with the ease of the trip to Spokane, I decided that I would try the trip to SO. California.  So we packed up Eloise Renee and left Friday at 3pm.  We pulled into our hotel at around 11pm.

Dee had an incredible breakfast of waffles and sausage ready for us on Saturday morning.  We spent the morning there and then went out for lunch at Marie’s.  For dinner, Dee went all out.  We had an incredible meal, set with with the good dishes and cloth napkins!  We retired to our hotel full and happy.

We left our hotel Sunday morning at around 9am and pulled into our driveway around 5pm.  I took 1/2 pain pill at around noon on the trip back, really before it was truly needed, but was glad that I had taken it.

Now, it is Monday morning and I can’t tell that the weekend was spent in a car.  This is compared to not being able to sit in a car for 2 hours without spending the next day or two tanked with pain medications, muscle relaxers and sleep aids!!

Oh, and Dee has started the Seven Day Challenge.  I’ll post his reactions in a week or so.

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