Our Anniversary Week

What a week we had.  We lost our mother, Jeannine on Monday/Tuesday.  Then we found out that we lost our good friend and small group companion, Claudia Johnson.  Claudia succumbed to cancer that she had been battling for many years.  We were blessed to know her and to witness her strength of spirit and faith.  Our thoughts and prayers of comfort go out to Roy.

On Friday, Eloise and I took off early and drove to a surprise spot that I successfully bid on, on “Priceline”.  We were pleasantly presented with a weekend at “Squaw Creek Resort” in Squaw Valley.  Squaw Valley was the site of the 1960 winter Olympics in the Tahoe area.  It is a spectacular area.  The resort is very nice.  Hopefully the pictures that I took of the waterfall that falls about 40 feet from the lobby to the creek and pond that is between the hot tubs (3) and the pool and the water slide turns out good enough to post later.  I also took some of the “cable car” that took us from the valley floor (elevation 8200 feet) to the “High Camp” (elevation 9200 feet) where the top of the ski slalom runs started.  It is spectacular!!  We had the sunset dinner up at High Camp.  Ask Elly about the cable car ride……  1000 feet off of the ground for an acrophobic.  YES!

We finished up the weekend by driving to Emerald Bay and taking the VikingHolm tour.  We parked in the parking lot and walked down the driveway to the house.  The driveway is 1 mile long and descends 750 feet.  It is a WALK!

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