2009 Conference Highlights

In the City of Lights, the eXfuze 2009 Annual Convention began with ‘Night with the Stars’ as those who have achieved the level of Diamond Elite Director were whisked away from Caesar’s Palace. From an all-star photo shoot to stretch limousines, participants arrived at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris for an elegant evening of dining and entertainment. Following a 5-Star dinner, the Diamonds were escorted to a private lounge for a personal Dennis DeYoung concert and autograph session. It was a magical night to be aspired to by all who want to achieve the prestigious rank of Diamond. Each year, qualifying Diamond’s will be treated to the best of the best, and we want YOU there with us next time.

To kick off the eXfuze opportunity on Thursday evening, Eddie Freeman shared the most powerful opportunity in the world to a room of distributors and prospects alike. It was standing room only as Eddie energized, informed, shared, and entertained. Prospects joined and distributors re-committed.

Rick Cotton, Don Cotton and Steve Campbell set the stage for an informational packed conference, rallying the distributors, inspiring, and motivating.

Rick Cotton, CEO & Founder, started by introducing our conference theme, "IT’S TIME TO LEAD." Now more than ever when businesses, families, and economies around the globe need leadership, eXfuze is leading the network marketing industry and raising up leaders that will change the world. In his ‘State of eXfuze’ address, Don Cotton, President & Co-Founder, spoke of Mastering the Moment and the eXfuze commitment to the best, most efficacious products in the marketplace. Don reiterated that eXfuze has a proactive message of hope, not a reactive message of fear.

Saturday morning opened with Executive Vice President, Paul Morris, inspiring everyone with his talk about "Building Your Cathedral" with a lifetime commitment. He then went on to encourage everyone to THINK GLOBAL and shared all the excitement and growth now taking place in our International Operations.

Vice President of Operations and Research & Development, Peter Hammer, instilled a high level of confidence in the distributors as he shared some of the behind the scenes activities going on at corporate.

Two exciting new products were introduced at the Annual Conference this year. Super Seven+ fortified with eXboost FOCUS, Seven+ PROformance and the newest edition to our business building tools, the Fuzebox.

By popular demand, Super Seven+ is perfect for the person on the go. Super Seven+ comes in 2 ounce pouches that can be transported anywhere and used at any time! Tear, drink, and feel the energy and focus!

With 300 different brands, energy drinks have become a $9 billion per year industry. Typically, energy drinks are full of stimulants and other harmful substances that mimic energy and damage the adrenal system. However, in today’s busy times, people are willing to take the health risk to have the energy they need to make it through their day. eXfuze has responded to those demands by creating an energy supplement that gives you the energy and focus you need to make it through your day without the damaging side effects of other products.

Super Seven+ with eXboost is loaded with antioxidants and formulated with pure extracts. It has beneficial nutrients such as Phytochemicals, Polyphenols, Anthocyanins, Flavonoids, Catechins, Plant-Based Minerals, and more.

In addition, it contains increased amounts of Brown Seaweed Extract that in clinical trials enhances the immune system, supports gastrointestinal health and detoxifies. The Periwinkle Flower extract found in Super Seven+ contains Vinpocetine which has been shown to help memory improvement*, increases awareness and alertness*, protects the brain from oxidation*, and give you true energy from increased brain blood flow*. Super Seven+ feeds, nourishes and enhances your brain and is the healthy alternative for energy*!


Introducing Seven+ PROformance, the newest version of the PRO. Containing a rare combination of adaptogens and our eXboost PROformance blend, you are equipped to counter the effects of stress and reduce the negative impact of mental and emotional tension*, poor lifestyle habits*, pollution, infection, and other environmental factors*. eXfuze PROformance blend delivers pure energy without stressing the body’s nervous system or adrenal systems*.

Shown in clinical studies by Thomas Incledon at the University of Miami Department of Exercise and Sport Science as a natural source for increasing energy, boosting stamina and sustained endurance. eXfuze’s PROformance Blend helps metabolize carbs, proteins, and fats into energizing fuel*, allowing improved muscular strength*, improved oxygen uptake*, and improved aerobic performance capacity*!

eXfuze PROformance was available for those who attended the conference to taste. The reviews were fantastic as many said, "This is the best tasting product I have ever had!" Those who attended the conference had the opportunity to buy PROformance. Coming to all distributors in the fall of 2009.

Dr. Marcus Kuypers, Dr. Joe Guarnera, Dr. Gary Booth, Dr. Natale Vitori, and Dr. Ahmed shared their professional opinions on the eXfuze brand of products and all concluded that "The eXfuze brand of products provide the raw materials to help the body heal itself*."

Each of the doctors acknowledged the damaging effects of inflammation on all of the body’s systems. Thankfully, eXfuze has products that can help the body protect, heal, regulate, and maintain itself*.

This was demonstrated through several scientific studies that have been completed in reputable university laboratories such as the University of Miami, Brigham Young University, and Purdue University.

Dr. Gary Booth of Brigham Young University conducted independent studies that show empirical data as to the effectiveness of the eXfuze brand of products on human cells. Dr. Booth’s studies showed that 80%+ of abnormal cells died when Seven+ was introduced! As Dr. Booth said, "WOW!" Dr. Booth also stated that the studies show that Seven+ is very bioactive on free radicals and is loaded with anti-oxidant activity!

Dr. Natale Vitori, world-renowned scientist, explained the incredible science of Fucoidan and Brown Seaweed extract. Since pre-historic times, Fucoidan has created mechanisms to protect itself. It is a complete polysaccharide with tremendous anti-viral*, anti-inflammatory*, anti-flu*, tissue regenerative* and neuron protecting properties*.

Purdue University tested the purity of Fucoidan in the eXfuze brand of products by conducting a molecular weight analysis, chromatographs, composition analysis and other tests. Present in every bottle of eXfuze products are four critical complex sugars that are ONLY available from ingesting algae! These complex sugars are critical to your brain health.

In summary, the eXfuze brand of products provides your body with the raw materials to defend*, repair*, regenerate*, regulate*, and maintain itself in all body systems and we now have the science to prove it!

Two days packed with information, motivation, energy, excitement, and recognition!

Steve Campbell detailed why eXfuze is the right company with the right products at the right time. With the best products, leadership, and compensation plan, eXfuze is breezing past the competition and setting the bar higher than ever before.

Eddie Freeman increased our belief level by inspiring us with experiences and stories to show that he who believes the most, wins. Hideki Miyako, one of our premier leaders from Japan, told his inspiring story of his experience with Seven+.

Nobuhiro Kaneko spoke of his initial failure to succeed in network marketing and offered an unforgettable illustration of how we must make a commitment to go 200 mph and not stop for any distractions. If we do this, we will succeed! He also touched the hearts of all distributors as he described his experiences in the Dominican Republic and the children that eXfuze is supporting through our VivaKids mission.

Tadashi and Mari Sugimoto shared how eXfuze has brought new hope in to the lives of many and eXfuze will put the smiles back on the faces of thousands. Keith Halls touched our hearts with his discussion on holding to your dreams and not letting the dream stealers take them away. Keith also shared with us his passion for helping others and in doing so, being blessed in return.

Melyn Campbell gave us perspective. Perspective that we must open our minds and see that prospects and customers are around us all the time. Sandi Burgess taught us how to do an in-home meeting by keeping it simple, fast-paced, and fun! Randy Heaton showed us why commitment, a business plan, and goals are so important. Jeff Bracken gave us compelling evidence that being an eXfuze distributor is a smart business decision. Krista Van Camp taught that patience and persistence pays and that quitting is not an option. Byron Belka showed us how to overcome objections and close the deal.

Many leaders were welcomed to the stage to be recognized for their accomplishments. eXfuze is proud of the many distributors who have risen to leadership levels, raised the bar, and made their mark. Congratulations to Eddie Freeman who won the first ever Donald E. Cotton Memorial Award and to Madison Heaton who won the Viva Kids Passionate Leadership Award.


The music of Dennis DeYoung and Styx had distributors and corporate staff on their feet, dancing and having the time of their lives. Incredible music, atmosphere, friends, and fun, filled the first night of the convention. Nothing but first class when it comes to eXfuze and the entertainment didn’t disappoint.

Have you ever wondered how the premier leaders attain such monumental success? How you can have as much knowledge as the doctors? How you can be at a meeting on the other side of the country or build a team on the other side of the country?

Now you can! The Fuzebox made its debut at the conference with an overwhelming response. Now, with the click of your remote control, you can have the doctors, leaders, corporate staff, and opportunity meetings on your TV screen.

You can participate in a live meeting and interact with the presenter who may be hundreds of miles away. With multi-sensory media, your business can move to higher levels. Duplication is now simple with the Fuzebox. Phase One of the Fuzebox was available to conference attendees only. However others can now register for Phase Two by completing the form located in your back office. Don’t miss the chance to be where the action is 24/7!

Rick and Ann Cotton continued to share their vision and passion for the children that are being fed and educated because of the efforts of eXfuze and its distributors. As always, the mission behind eXfuze was brought close to our hearts as we listened to Dan Gower give an exciting new update of our Viva Kids in the Dominican Republic. And thanks to your continued support, we are now opening a new VivaKids center in Chihuahua, Mexico! A number of special distributors were recognized for their tremendous contributions to VivaKids, and we were reminded of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to give back to a hurting world.

And with rave reviews, excitement, and renewed commitment to success, distributors left the convention ready to lead! Now is our time! Move over…because for eXfuze…IT’S ON!!!
*FDA Statement These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified integrative physician prior to using our products if possible. 

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