Everything new

We went to the eXfuze conference in Salt Lake City in January.  Very instructional and motivating.  My business team is growing rapidly and is becoming a lot of fun.

Airless is moving.  I don’t need the large space anymore.  I won’t be stocking any of the large machines.  The current shop was set up for 3 repair stations and I will need 2 at the most now.  I don’t have Eloise Renee with me anymore either, as she is going to pre-school.  The nursery is now just storage space.  Eloise has closed j’Eloise and so that space is empty.  The 2 major players in the market have now bought up all of the smaller companies, so the parts are being consolidated. However, after being used to so much space, getting it laid out into 1/2 the square footage is challenging.

Larry is going to be here this next week to help with the demo and roughing out the new space.  He will reconstruct the parts walls and the room above that.  I really appreciate his expertise in building the stairs for the area over the parts walls.  We also will install the laundry tub, water heater and indoor hose bibs.  I will run the 220v and electrical to the work benches.

Adam is scheduled to be here next weekend.  He will do all of the finish carpentry and any plumbing that is left.

I will then have a couple of weeks to repair and refinish the old space.  The new space opens as it’s Grand Opening, March 1st.  I will be doing business there by the 3rd week of February though (the 15th?).  Eloise has volunteered to help get the moving flyers out.  I haven’t formatted them yet, so have a few busy days ahead.

And this, of course, gets eXfuze business threaded throughout.  My distributers range east from (Rocklin, Ca) to west (Windsor, Ca) to south (Norco, Ca) and then over to Kingman, Arizona.  I’m finally getting more local, which is making it more fun too.

Eloise is working at Macy’s as well as administrating the day care.  She loves the work and dislikes the hours.  She is also helping at eXfuze.  We attended both the Las Vegas conference and the Salt Lake City conference together.  Due to witnessing how much that it has helped and changed my health, she is a vocal advocate of the product.  She has experienced health benefits also and Amanda has Eloise Renee using the Super 7+ to control her asthma.

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