Hectic Winter

Brother Larry and Son Adam have again helped me through a move.  Larry come up for a week and helped me build out the new space for Airless and then came out again for a few days and helped me move the bulk of the stuff from the old location to the new.  Adam came out and replaced the door that was smashed in during the last burglary.  I’ve lived without the door there for a couple of years.  I wanted the landlord to have a door in when I moved though.  I still have some things left at the old location, such as the security cameras and the Ethernet line that’s in the walls.  Some of the stuff on the walls still needs to come down too.  I’ve removed all of the shelf brackets and filled all of the holes.  There must have been 50 brackets, all with 3 holes…..  Still, almost done.  Maybe another week or so.

Eloise is working at Macy’s.  She enjoys retail, but dislikes the schedule.  I never realized how badly they micro manage their employees.  I don’t think that I would like it much.

The girls are trying to get more children in the day care again.  With a couple more, Eloise will have to quit Macy’s and concentrate on the day care again.  Amanda is doing really well with the children.  Seems to be a good fit for her.

Eloise Renee is growing up fast.  She attends pre school at Peace Lutheran and thrives there.  She has the personality of her mother, with Adam’s energy.  Quite a sight to see.

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