Open House Event

I was invited to show eXfuze at an Open House at Gold’s Gym.  I started setting up around 3:45pm and had people at the table by 4:30pm.  Between 5 and 8pm, there were many people taking brochures and information.  I had brought bottles and gave out almost 2 bottles (in 1/2 oz cups).  Everyone loved the taste.  I had both Seven+ classic and PRO.  Amanda was the only distributer that responded and she was there from around 5pm until we packed up.  Our tables weren’t fancy.  I had magazines, tri-fold brochures, PRO brochures and business cards out.  No audio or video.  We were at the entrance and the DJ was directly across from us.

We got people who signed up for more information and 10-12 preferred customers.  I run the 2 for the price of 1 at these events and use my drop ships to get them their extra bottle.  We had great interest from the trainers there and I am in contact with them also.

This event came about due to my membership in the Chamber of Commerce.  I met a trainer at a Chamber mixer and she invited me to call her and arrange a meeting with the gym staff.  That was on Friday, and I was invited to the open house the following Tuesday.

This is a confirmation of how getting out and talking to people leads to customers that they expose you to.  Anytime that you are asked for your name, phone number, email address, etc, don’t answer them verbally.  Hand them your eXfuze business card.

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