More Changes

Eloise has now changed her status at Macy’s to temp.  She will be on call and will work there around 12-16 hours per week.  The day care, Moms on a Mission, is now getting back up to capacity.  They have new children and more interviews this week.  Eloise really likes the retail sales position, but the way retailers now micro-manage the California stores from New York is convoluted and not very employee friendly.  She is also researching going back to school.  More on that later….

eXfuze is doing well.  Being in the black after 3 or 4 months has really helped us this year.  Having Extract Fuzion make a car payment or now, the medical insurance premium, has been a blessing for us.  If Airless returned as much per hour put in, we would be doing really well.  With construction reviving, we are hoping for a better year this year.

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