Long Weekend

We took a road trip last weekend.  We left at 6pm on Friday and headed south.  We drove over the Tejon Pass and arrived at our Hotel at around midnight.  I drove the entire way and had no problem except the normal stiffness from sitting for that long.  The Hotel was real nice and we could see Magic Mountain from our window.  After an incredible breakfast, we drove to Eloise’s Father’s apartment.

Dee joined us for lunch at Marie Calendar’s and then we finished the day by having dinner at the Claim Jumper dinner house.  We stayed Saturday night in Riverside, and were back on the road after a late breakfast there.  Eloise and I traded off driving while Ellie Rae and Amanda kept a running commentary from the back seat.

The ladies wanted to get some supplies from Safeway on the way home.  I needed to not wait for that to happen, so I walked the 2.5 miles or so from Safeway to our house.  That turned out to be a good decision, as I felt great after the walk and they took about an hour at Safeway.

I was really glad that the timing worked out, as I ended up at the Emergency Room on Monday.  It turns out that a kidney stone(s) were announcing their presence.  I can’t explain the symptoms or the ensuing time without using language that will cost me serious dollars if (paid to her college fund) if Eloise Rene reads this.  But, it is Wednesday and all is better.

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