GreenZILLA is taking over eXtract Fuzion

Where do I start?  I have a bunch of topics that I have listed to blog about, but there is an important change in how eXfuze is going, so I think that I will go there first.

GreenZILLA is taking over my business.  I was really happy to hear about the future release of an energy drink in February 2010.  I had NO idea how much it would change the dynamics of eXtract Fuzion and EXfuze corp.  I knew that it would open up a new market for us.  We have had a difficult time selling/explaining the benefits of the nutritional products to the 18 to 40 year olds.  They are still creating the health challenges that we in the 45 plus category are drinking Exfuze to overcome.  What I didn’t know was how many in the 45 plus group were also drinking energy drinks.  I began to taste test and ask people about energy drinks in June 2010.  After a few weeks of inquiry, I was starting to feel like I was the only person that I knew that DIDN”T drink energy drinks.  In conducting my “taste and energy tests”, I found that the best tasting drink was borderline nasty and the worst got spit out onto the floor before I dared swallow.  I rinsed my mouth out with coffee twice before I could speak and what I said isn’t printable.  Bad taste combined with nervous jittery adrenalin induced hypertension; combined with ingredients that are ALL synthesized and known to be bad for you.  And they still sell 9.5 billion per year! HUH??  How did their advertising genius’ pull this off??

Enter greenZILLA !!  GreenZILLA is All Natural, All Healthy, All Whole Food Extracts.  AND IT TASTES GREAT.  Seriously, It tastes really good.  Not compared to other energy drinks. As compared to soft drinks, it tastes great.  AND, not only is it not bad for you, It Is Good For You.  Doctors recommend that you drink it.

So now greenZILLA is making business easier.  We have a great market and a superior product.  Instead of having to educate our potential customers on nutrition, I open the conversation with “Do you drink an energy drink”?  If so, “Would you be interested in an energy drink that is all natural, all healthy, made from whole food extracts, tastes really good and is CHEAPER than whatever drink you are now consuming”?  What an introduction!  Then I follow up with “When you drink your current energy drink, how much do they pay you”?  (you really need to see their expressions in reaction to that question)  “You can easily drink eXfuze greenZilla for free and if you know 2 others anywhere in the US that would like to do the same, you can get paid serious dollars too”.  “If I could show how these 2 friends could turn into $3000.00+  per month in residual income, would you be interested”?  You can guess the percentage that responds “YES!”.

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