Busy Busy

Oh Boy.  There just isn’t enough hours in the day.  If I could just somehow get by on less than 5 hours sleep, I could have so much more fun.  GreenZILLA has made the days much more fun.  It is amazing how a little success can change your outlook.  I have so much energy that I just need more time!  Of course, that just creates more stuff to do, and I love it.  OK.  On to the news.

As you can tell, eXfuze is getting really busy.  We released our newest product, greenZILLA, which is an all natural, all healthy Energy Drink that tastes great and is less expensive than all of the others.  We now have the introduction to the 18-40 year olds that will propel us forward.  To my surprise, almost everyone that I know drinks energy drinks.  I didn’t, so it didn’t occur to me that energy drinks are in such demand.  As such, we have a ready made market.  This is why I am so busy.  Outside of Airless Spray Center, I had evening business meetings last week of: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and 2 on Sunday afternoon (after Church) in Santa Rosa and Petaluma.  We got back into Sac at around 11pm Sunday evening.  I also am helping new distributers sign up new distributers and sell eXfuze.  I have 1 distributer that recouped his investment in 2 days and was in the black by as much by the end of his first week!  I am having fun now….

Adam is still in the Bay Area.  He lives in the south bay and is working at a job in San Francisco.  He is running a large remodel project at a residence there.  He attended the eXfuze conference with me in Salt Lake City and is now focusing on building a business with the energy drink, ZILLA.  I will travel to the bay area this next weekend and help him get started.  As he is still single; If you know of any rich, beautiful, fertile ladies; please forward their resumes to me.  I will trap him into a date or two with them…..  ;-D

Amanda is doing well.  She and Eloise Rene are a joy for us, as they still live in Sacramento.  Ellie Rae is in Kindergarten (studying at  1st grade) and is being homeschooled by her mother.  Amanda is working at the Day Care and is running the operation while homeschooling.  Amanda is also getting involved with eXfuze.  She will help us create a family dynasty.  Ellie Rae is already a great supporter.

Eloise Rene is……  she just is.  Almost 5; in November; and incredibly smart.  Precocious I believe it’s called.  Full of wonder and energy and as beautiful as her Mother and Grandmother; only she’s going to be allot taller.

Eloise Jeannette is just as beautiful as ever.  My child bride has decided to go back to school.  As well as working at the day care, she is going to school 4 nights a week.  In her words “Without eXfuze, I would never have had the energy to go to night school”.  She is the joy, the director, the cheer leader, the stability and the glue that holds us all together. (oh, and the conscience too)

And Keith, well Keith is incredibly blessed because of all of the above.  And I am grateful to brother Larry for forcing me to try eXfuze.  It has made an unbelievable difference in our lives.  I love you brother.

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