Winter is upon Us

We seem to have barely made it through Thanksgiving.  Black Friday has come and just left.  The official Christmas Season has dawned.  We are getting our first serious rain this weekend.

The girls are decorating our tree as I write.  Being that Amanda and Eloise Renee will be moving into their new apartment on Dec 15th, they are separating out their ornaments and packing them for the move.  They are planning to have their own tree up by the 20th.  Elly Rae is showing a little separation anxiety as she follows me around more than ever.  She spent the first few years of her life at work with me as well as living her entire life under our roof, so the feeling is mutual.  Eloise and I had only a couple years of the house to ourselves before Amanda moved back in and Ellie Rae was born.  And she just turned 5……..

Oh. 5.  We spent her 5th birthday at Disneyland with her and Amanda.  I hadn’t been in over 25 years.  The change was incredible.  Since eXfuze, I was able to fly down and actually go on rides!  What a difference!  One bit of advice though, If you go on the Indiana Jones ride, bring your kidney belt.  It’s fun, but rough.  I didn’t have the chance to ride the roller coaster in the California Adventure area though.  Next trip!  Make sure that you see the water/music show in that area at night.  That alone is worth the price of admission.

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