Christmas 2010

We are in the midst of emotional confusion.  It is the second Christmas for Eloise to be without her mom.  Debra, Eloise’s step sister, was in and out of the hospital for kidney failure and other complications for a couple of months and we lost her on Tuesday, Dec 21st.  Our first without her, but with David alone, my unofficially adopted brother.  Amanda and Eloise Renee moved out on Dec 18th.  Adam was in an accident as a passenger where the other car t-boned them on his door the same week.  His arm was broken and now has a long strap in it from elbow almost to shoulder.

So Christmas was totally different for us this year.  No lights or decorations outside and very few inside.  We had Ellie Rae with us every day though.  She made sure that we sat down and calmly went through our Advent tradition.  Lighting another candle and reading stories about the Christ’s birth and related events.  Adam came out by train to be with us. so we 6, including Dave, had a great time together.

This week is the only time that Eloise and I have time off together.  We will spend most days cleaning and rearranging the house.  We will try to take time to be together walking the malls and such, enjoying the decorations and the season.  David has invited us to his house for New Years Day and we will meet the others there.

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