Winter Energy

I discovered a great way to enjoy green ZILLA.  I drink approximately 1.5 oz from a new water bottle.  Then I add .75 oz of ZILLA.  It tastes fantastic!  I shared this with my family about 4 months ago and my bride used this formula to concoct a “punch” for a bridal shower that she hosted.  The ladies loved it.  My family, and many of my downline, are enjoying ZILLA in this way.  Many who don’t like plain water are now consuming quantities of water using this formula.  It makes the water taste great and actually induces one to drink more “water”.

So this week, with the temperature hovering in the 40’s, I didn’t really want to drink cold or cool water.  My wife has been heating up this formula for awhile and I decided to try it.  .75 oz ZILLA into a 12 oz glass mug.  Microwave on high for 1 min.  ZOUNDS!  It DOES taste good.  And helps to warm one up at the same time.  Try it for a warm winter drink.  I think that you will like it too. 

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