New stuff

I have had one of my eXfuze distributers come to me with a new product.  A network business, of course. 🙂

This new business is called Greenfoot Global.  They produce a tablet that you put in your auto’s fuel tank.  It is supposed to get you better fuel mileage and make your engine run better and longer.

So. I am trying it.  With the cost of gas going up daily, saving a gallon here or there is now worth knowing about.  I have put the tablet in both the company van and our Toyota Sequoia.  I have always watched the millage and really pay attention to the sound of how my autos run.  Both of my autos have enough horsepower, so I don’t really need a power increase.  However, I have noticed smoother acceleration.

After a tank in each, I haven’t seen great millage increases, but both engines are running smoother and quieter.  I drive more by engine sound than by the speedometer, so am really conscious of how smooth the engines are running.  So far, it seems like a .5 mpg increase in both vehicles.  At $3.90 per gallon, that saves me about $.001 per gallon.  The tablets cost me $1.80 each and I use 1 tablet per tank.  So I break slightly better than even on the cost (so far).  I will keep you posted on further results.

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