Family Enlargement

I have been getting the serious “side-long” looks from members of the family regarding updating the pictures here on the “Scribbler”.


GEDC0016 Son Adam and Grand Daughter Eloise Renee  Christmas 2010

GEDC0017 Brother David and Daughter Amanda

GEDC0028Eloise and Ellie Rae

GEDC0045Eloise and I  “News Years Party”

GEDC0047Eloise and Amanda on Jan 26th 2011

GEDC0050the result of that hospital visit.  Anna-Gail Jeannine Hartsuiker

GEDC0055As birth coach, I got 1st diaper and 1st bath.

GEDC0072Ellie Rae’s picture is on the wall at the nurses station there.  She is the bottom picture.

GEDC0081Adam and nieces

GEDC0083My first wife, 2 months away from graduation…..

OK and we are up to date.  For more pictures of Anna and Eloise, see Amanda’s Facebook page.

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