Great Day!

What a wonderful morning.  Got up, drank some PRO, entered in 2 conference calls.  Learned something on both and created success on 1.  Had breakfast and went on a walk.  At Damascus Road bookstore, I met a young missionary who is going to Honduras and the Domical Republic.  Introduced him to “Viva Kids”; which is the organization that eXfuze supports.  Every dime that eXfuze makes contributes to “Viva Kids”.  Maybe he can meet the people in the Dominican Republic that we have there.

Finished my walk, and met my bride, at the Club.  My gym bag was in her car.  Hardly anyone in the gym.  Made it easy to work on the machines that we wanted to use.  No one else in the “hot tub”, nor in the pool, locker room or showers.  No waiting for anything there.

Road home with Eloise and am now blogging while she gets ready.  We will have lunch in the veranda (?) by the creek.  We have a date for this evening to go to a movie.  ::sigh::  Is today great or what!?

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