Anniversary in Tahoe

Last weekend we sojourned up the mountain to Lake Tahoe.  It was a week past the date, but we were celebrating our 34th anniversary.  It wasn’t the first time that I’ve been able to drive the Riviera, but since Eloise first drove, and then confiscated “Pearl”, as she is now named. I don’t sit behind her wheel much.  We left Friday afternoon and the drive was fast and smooth.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites.  The room was great and the pool and hot tub are open to adults until midnight.

We stopped on the way up to have dinner at a wonderful restaurant named “Jack Rabbit Moon”.  We chanced upon it as we were looking at the GPS for food.  It is a really small venue.  It would maybe seat 50 people inside.  They have an outdoor patio that would hold another 20 or so.  Eloise is a fanatic about scampi and she claims that she had the best scampi of her life.  I remember that my Filet Minion was really exceptional too, but I’ve had chocolate yesterday, so my memory of it is fading fast.  I would recommend that if you have a hundred dollar bill and are in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, You eat dinner there.

On Saturday, we got in a gondola on the Heavenly front.  It is the steepest cable ride possible!  It really climbs.  The scenic platform is at 9150’.  Unbelievable scenery.  We took some pictures.  I’ll post some later if they are usable.

Hot August Nights was going on in Reno that weekend.  We had originally scheduled to go there on Saturday night, but didn’t feel like driving 90 min there and 90 min back, so we stayed in Tahoe and had dinner at the top of Harrah’s.  Another incredible view with superb food and excellent company.  And, of course, back to the hot tub until midnight.  There were cars from the car show that cruised Tahoe, so I got to see quite a few.  One that stood out was a trailered GTO station wagon.  I didn’t know that the GTO came as a station wagon.  I think that the majority of the vehicles in town, on the road, were Muscle Cars, Motorcycles and Hot Rod bucket “T”’s.

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