ShapeWay “Tasting” Event

I am hosting a ShapeWay tasting event today.  We will feature 10-12 different flavors of ShapeWay.  I started out with unsweetened chocolate and ShapeWay in Non-Fat Milk.  It’s really good.  I then tried apples.  Now, I’m not an apple guy.  Eloise really likes apples, but I would never pick one over any other fruit.  However:  Peel and core an apple, cut into slices and throw into the blender with ShapeWay and NF milk…..  It’s really good.  Raspberries, 12-15 into the blend, is very tasty.  Eddie told me his favorite. I thought he was nuts.  So.  I decided to try it.  6oz cold water, ShapeWay, 1oz PRO and 1oz ZILLA.  It is DELICIOUS!  IT is now my favorite.  We will have oranges, nectarines and tangerines (Amanda’s favorite), banana, apple w/cinnamon (apple pie), kiwi, etc.

I started ShapeWay on Oct 14th.?  After 2 weeks, I have lost over 6 pounds and as many inches.  The “challenge” is 90 days.  I will post my results as we go.

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