ShapeWay observations

Those of you that read the eXtract Fuzion blog will know that I have lost weight using the ShapeWay product line.  So far, my weight is down from 202 to 192 and still falling.  As most people, I fluctuate about 2 or 3 pounds, but am trying to weigh in at the same time every time, under the same conditions.  The extra challenge in using ShapeWay is that this is the time of year that I usually put on a few pounds.  I eat more during the fall and winter and less during the spring and summer.  My weight reflects that.  So to be losing weight during the fall is a new experience for me.  I expect to hit my target weight this winter.  It will be interesting to see what happens next spring and summer.  My bride is also losing unwanted weight.  She was unhappy that I lost more pounds until we looked at the numbers.  Percentage wise, we are losing at the same rate, or close.  This week, she was really happy with the results.

If you read the Extract Fuzion blog, you have seen the recipes that were posted there.  I REALLY like the “Keith” and drink ShapeWay using that formula 95% of the time.  It really IS tasty!

I can foresee some problems with the ShapeWay management though……  Drinking ShapeWay once per day and taking 2 Energizer capsules costs about $3 per day.  Now this is less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and less than any meal at Carl’s Jr.  However, with the weight loss, I am going to be forced to buy new clothes.  Eloise will have the same situation, but doesn’t see it as a problem at all !!

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