Merry Christmas from Sacramento

2012 with a difficult year for us here in Sacramento. However, we made it through with flying colors and are looking forward to 2013.
We were able to get to Arizona and see Mom Larry and Kat for Thanksgiving. Eloise and I took our granddaughters to Fort Mohave. It was great spending some time with Larry in his surf hut. It was wonderful spending the evenings sitting in the hot tub, giving up at 1,000,000,000 stars, listening to the waterfall splash into the goldfish pond. The pond is on 3 sides of the hot tub. 1 side has the waterfall, the other has the fountain. All of this is enclosed in the Tiki Room, surf hut. We were also surprised when my cousin Colin, from Montana, showed up for a visit. Except for the traffic going to and from, the length of California, we had a wonderful time.
As always, this year has seen changes in our household. Eloise went back to school and is doing really well. She hopes to have her advansed degree within a year. Amanda received her first degree this year and is scheduled to graduate with her advanced degree in 2013. The granddaughters are doing fantastically well. Eloise Renee is in second grade and very advanced in her studies. I’m told that she reads at the fifth grade level. Anna Gale is almost 2 years old, enough said. Keith is doing incredibly well health wise. Airless spray Center has survived the total collapse of construction in Sacramento. 2012 was a better year than 2011 or 2010. The last quarter of 2012, if an indicator, predicts a good year in 2013.

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